Episode 24 - Interview with Cody Phillips: Working Through Insecurity as a Leader

July 3, 2018

Thanks so much for joining us for Episode 24 and to a special summer interview with Cody Phillips. Now we know that none of the lealders who listen to this podcast struggle with insecurity so we'll just leave this one here so you can share it with a friend. However, we believe that anyone who listens will be encouraged as Cody Phillips shares some of the insights that he has learned about overcoming insecurity in ministry. Download and listen. Grab your pen and notebook. We know you will be encouraged!


Episode 23 - Interview with Preston Ulmer: Leading People Who Are Different Than You

June 19, 2018

Thanks for checking out Episode 23. In today's podcast, Rodney has a conversation with Preston Ulmer founder of The Doubter's Club about leading people who are different than you are. Listen in an learn some practical insights on how you as a leader can truly lead anyone.


Episode 22 - 5 Ways I’m Recharging this Summer

June 5, 2018

Thanks for listening to Episode 22! Summer is here. In this podcast Rodney talks about 5 intentional things he is doing to grow and recharge as a leader this summer. Listen in and learn how you can be strategic with your Summer as well.


Episode 21 - Interview with Jacob Jester: Transitioning Your Assignment

May 22, 2018

Thanks for checking out Episode 21 of the Unthinkable Leaders Podcast. In this podcast, Rodney talks with a former evangelist turned church planter from Phoenix, Arizona - Jacob Jester. Listen in as Jacob talks about what it's like to leave a place of comfort to follow God. 


Episode 20 - Building a Foundation

May 8, 2018

In Episode 20, Rodney talks about some things that are extremely important when you are building a foundation. Whether you are starting from the ground up or you are taking an existing team to a new place, all of these principles will be helpful as you move forward.


Episode 19 - Interview with Kevin Ward: Going Through Crisis in Leadership

April 17, 2018

Today we are excited to bring you Episode 19 of the podcast. In this episode, Rodney has a powerful conversation with Kevin Ward of Connect Community Church in Pasadena, Texas. Listen in as they talk about five keys to survival when you are going through crisis as a leader. 


Episode 18 - Understanding Your Season

April 3, 2018

Thanks for listening to the eighteenth episode of the Unthinkable Leaders Podcast. In Episode 18, Rodney talks about things you can do to understand the season that you are in both for yourself and for your orginization.


Episode 17 - Interview with Dave Milam: Knowing Who is in Control of Your Journey

March 20, 2018

Today we are so excited to bring you Episode 17 of the podcast. In this episode, Rodney has the opportunity to talk to the Vice President of Visioneering Studios, Dave Milam. Listen in as Dave talks about his unexpected journey that has resulted in God's favor in his life and leadership. 


Episode 16 - Guest Retention

March 6, 2018

Thanks for listening to the sixteenth episode of the Unthinkable Leaders Podcast. In Episode 16, Rodney and Doug discuss four different things you can do and also promote some great books about guest retention and customer acquisition.


Episode 15 - The Potential in Your Leadership with Don Champion

February 20, 2018

It's here, Episode 15! In this episode, Rodney talks with Don Champion from River Valley Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota about the potential in your leadership.